팝업레이어 알림


CEO greeting

The natural environment is the source of our human beings, and it is the essence.

We have to actively protect and restore the environment that we have neglected in the past. Our HyoSung ONB is a company dedicated to environmental protection, and is constantly striving to conserve the essential ingredient of all living things and supply the essential ingredient to produce healthy food. Demand for eco-friendly agricultural products is exploding, and organic agricultural markets, which are the core of eco-friendly agricultural materials, are growing rapidly. Based on the technology, we will continue to develop the products of the Republic of Korea and continue to develop the market in the Republic of Korea.

And we will supply differentiated products that are constantly challenging, constantly challenging, without satisfying the performance in the field of organic fertilizers. We will actively develop overseas markets and develop eco - friendly organic and bio-obviological enterprises in the future. Finally, thank you all for saving our clients, shareholders, executives and our HyoSung ONB.

HyoSung ONB Chairman of the board of directors. Park Tae Hun